Klein Karoo

South Africa

Established in 1985, Klein Karoo is the world’s largest Ostrich processor, producing 65% of all Ostrich related products found on international markets. Klein Karoo represents more than 800 local farmer members, and produces ostrich meat, leather and feathers.

Klein Karoo supplies Ostrich (Poultry) meat, including the famous ‘fan fillet’ to the local South African market, as well as to a growing number of export markets including the UK, Denmark and Sweden where Klein Karoo’s pre-grilled Ostrich meat is today available in five of the largest retailers in Europe.

Working in conjunction with a South African Industrial Engineering Company (iPlan Global), Klein Karoo invited Emydex to tender in July 2015, for a factory floor software solution to replace their existing production control systems that were deemed to be end-of-life.

Klein Karoo sought to adopt a “leapfrog” strategy in the selection of their new software system i.e., a technological solution appropriate for 2016 and beyond. They also requested a centralised enterprise system in order to maintain one “single version of the truth”. Finally, the system they sought needed to be agile and flexible so as to allow for scale and speed to incorporate business change such as acquisitions.

“To incorporate Emydex slaughter, de-boning and recipe functionality into a single business entity in such a short time-frame was great achievement in my opinion”. Charl du Plessis, Managing Director of Klein Karoo International


  • Existing system reached end-of-life
  • Not supported
  • Inaccurate inventory data from the data collection system
  • De-centralised system - no one source of the truth
  • No integration to external systems
  • Poor usability & user acceptance




  • Simpler & Faster system to use
  • Embraced & adopted by operators
  • Eliminated manual work
  • Reduced human error significantly
  • Central label management with previews
  • Recipe system ensures consistency & quality of recipe formulations
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