Moy Park

Ballymena, UK

Founded in 1932 by the late W.P. O’Kane, O’Kane Poultry, acquired by the Moy Park Group in 2010, is one of Northern Ireland’s largest poultry processors. The group operates two hatcheries, a feed mill and a processing plant in Ballymena covering both chicken and turkey production. The company employs over 1500 people, and produces over 500 different product lines.

Moy Park are an Emydex customer since 2009 when Emydex began work on a pilot project to provide Moy Park with a real-time warehouse management and dispatch system, with full traceability. The project was later extended to deliver both the Emydex Packing & Processing Management, and Yields and Costings modules sitting on the underlying Emydex Data Management platform.

Some points of interest in this project from an Emydex perspective are how Emydex was able to seamlessly integrate a variety of in-house legacy systems, the full extent of functionality provided, and extent of system usage by Moy Park e.g., stock take and dispatch and management reporting that might traditionally be handled by an ERP.

“Emydex have been able and very willing to develop and implement seamless, efficient and innovative solutions into a fairly complex production environment. Their experience in food production and traceability adds another level to systems design, bringing additional ideas and concepts. They show willingness to understand existing processes and design systems to fully integrate with them, as well as offering ideas to take them to the next level. All this sits on top of an Emydex core. Support is excellent…” Paul Johnston, Finance Director, O’Kane Poultry Group


  • Many in-house/legacy systems
  • No accurate handle on Stock levels
  • High volume of transactions necessary to dispatch product to end customers
  • Fresh, Processed and Coated Poultry Products




  • Production to Work Order
  • Scan any/all products to all lines
  • Accurate Yield Control/give-away by line
  • Stock Intake, Put-way, Palletising, Picking and Dispatch
  • Accurate Stock Control & Reconciliation
  • 3rd party cold storage integration (real time, box level, bi-direction)
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