Complete Flexibility

We provide fully customisable Data Capture & Production Management.

At Emydex we adopt a ‘no limits’ philosophy to the way we approach project implementation for our customers.

In a recent survey of our entire customer base, when asked for the main reasons customers like to do business with Emydex, almost all cited this ‘flexible’ approach as being one of the strongest selling points of Emydex.

Using such an approach means we never have to say No to customer-specific requirement requests – everything is possible. The result is a tailored software solution built to match our customer’s specific business processes 100%.

How does it work?

Around 60% of the code deployed in every Emydex system makes up the core platform that comprises our Data Collection System (DCS) as well as Data Management System (DMS). Our core platform is common to every food processing industry, and is the same core system deployed across our entire customer base.

A further 30% of each customer’s Emydex software solution comprises both Industry-specific as well as Module-specific software code, for example:

  • Kill line & payments module for the Beef Processing industry
  • Recipe formulation module for the Value Added processing industry
  • Packing & Processing module for the Seafood Processing Industry

The remaining 10% is the Business Logic layer of software code unique to each customer. The Business Logic layer comprises code configured specifically to match individual customer requirements.

Any enhancements or upgrades to the Core system, Industry or Software Modules are pushed out to existing customers by way of software upgrades, leaving the customer Business Logic intact – so customers benefit from having the best of both worlds – a solution specifically tailored to match their needs, which grows and improves in features and functionality over time.

Complete Flexibility

Data Collection System (DCS)

Data Collection System (DCS)

Emydex collects data ffrom the factory floor at various Control Points in the production process using a variety of data capture devices.

  • Data Collection Terminals
  • Barcode reader (eg Symbol or Intermac)
  • Weighing Scales (eg Avery, Marvel, Scanvaegt, Bizerba, GSC, Ian Fellows)
  • Mobile Hand Scanners (such as Symbol/Motorola, Intermec)
  • Printers (eg as Imtermec, Zebra, Datamax)
  • RFID Reader (eg as Symbol, Sick)
  • Controls (eg Sick)
  • Auto-Graders
  • I/O Boards

Data Management System (DMS)

Data Management System (DMS)

Once data has been collected from the factory floor, the Emydex Data Management System handles data processing and data exchange, and is used to analyse & report on production

  • Data Reporting & Analysis
  • Data Maintenance (PLU file maintenance, manual entry…)
  • System Configuration (Users, Profiles, Security, Labels)
  • Integration (3rd party systems eg Financial, ERP, 3rd Party storage)
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