Software Modules

The Emydex suite of software includes a collection of independent standalone software modules designed to manage and control
a particular stage of the Food Production Process e.g. Kill Line & Payments.

Each modules sits on top of the core platform, and can plug seamlessly into any other module.

The full suite of modules cover all aspects of Food production from factory door-to-door including:

Purchase Orders to Intake, Intake, Intake Chill, Work Order Planning, Into Production

Out of Production, Work in Progress (WIP) Chill, Into Further Processing,

Out of Further Processing, Packing, Finished Goods Chill, Sales Orders to Dispatch

Order Picking and Container Loading.

Emydex Software Modules

Software Modules

Kill Line & Settlements Icon

Kill Line & Settlements

Monitors, controls and reports on all stages of the kill line process from reception of animals at Lairage through the Sequencing and Grading stations.

Carcass Management Icon

Carcass Management

Handles the processing of animals from the Kill line grading station to disposal via into-boning, dispatch or write-off.

Packing Management

Packing Management

Emydex Packing handles the processing of meat from into-boning through to trimming, packing, labeling and rework.

Yields & Costings Icon

Yields & Costings

The Emydex Yields and Costings module monitors and reports on production yields in real-time.

Warehouse Management Icon

Warehouse Management

Full-blown WMS covering stock intake, palletising, put-away and dispatch (picking & loading) as well as stock transfers and stock reconciliation

Recipe Formulation Icon

Recipe Formulation

A Recipe system incorporating recipe production planning used to produce consistent recipe formulations with full forwards and backwards Ingredient traceability

Production Planning Icon

Production Planning

The Emydex production planning software system enables production planners to graphically view all elements that effect what needs to be manufactured and what can be manufactured.

Quality Management

Quality Management

A flexible Quality management system that can operate as an integrated part of the overall Emydex platform or as a stand alone Quality system.

Traceability Reporting Icon

Traceability Reporting

A graphical based traceability reporting tool used for ad-hoc forward & backward traceability queries and investigative type reporting

ERP Systems Management Icon

ERP Systems Management

Emydex adapt our software to integrate to factory floor machinery from scales, printers & graders, 3rd party software systems : ERP, financial, CRM etc, customers, suppliers & 3rd party cold stores.

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