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We surveyed the Production Manager community within our client companies, to ask what were their own ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ from a Factory floor Data Capture, Production Reporting and Traceability system like Emydex.

Here's a sample of what they told us:

“Traceability throughout the system from start to finish”
“Visibility in real-time of what’s happening on the factory floor”
“Accurate reporting of daily production yields, outputs and throughputs”
“Timely and accurate reporting to get a better overview of both Supplier & Carcass trends”
“The ability to make real savings by reporting on Production output, waste level, production yields and stock ageing that is measured each day, week or month”
“Control of Production through better reporting and visibility of data”


Here's a sample of some of the features of the Emydex system of relevance to Production Managers working in Meat, Fish and Food Processing factories

  • Kill Line System
  • Carcass Management System
  • Production Planning System
  • Packing & Processing System
  • Recipe Formulation System
  • Livestock Procurement Planning 
  • Kill Plan & Buyer Appointments Payment Reports
  • Weighbridge Integration 
  • Lairage Receipt
  • Animal Movement Reporting
  • Slaughter Scheduling
  • Slaughter Line Sequencing
  • Weighing and Grading
  • Offal Packing
  • Generic Carcass into-Boning
  • Generic Carcass Dispatch
  • Kill Line Reporting – Production, Yield, Throughput

Kill Line Monitor

  • Carcass Definition
  • Carcass Splitting Engine
  • Carcass Rules

Carcass Modelling Engine

  • Inputs – Purchase Orders, Finished Goods Stocks
  • Outputs – Sales Orders, Stock Orders, Forecast Orders
  • Production Planning, Scheduling and Balancing
  • Into Processes (Into-Production, Into-Boning)
  • Out of Processes (Out-of-Production, Out-of-Boning)
  • Packing and Labelling Management
  • Primal Weighing & Labelling
  • Box/Carton Weighing & Labelling
  • By-Product Weighing & Labelling
  • Yields
  • Recipe Definition
  • Recipe Production Planning
  • Recipe Formulation (Dispensing and Blending)
  • Recipe Reporting

Recipe Definition Setup

Software Modules

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