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Carcass Management Software

Emydex Carcass Management software is currently operating in over 40 Meat Processing plants around the world including Ireland, the UK, Europe, Africa and Australasia. The Emydex Carcass Management system handles the processing of animals from the Kill Line grading station to disposal via Into-boning, Dispatch or Write-off. It can be used either as An-add on to the Emydex kill line system module to complete the abattoir cost centre or it can be used as the Intake for de-boning plants.

The standard Carcass Management software module configuration and features includes:

  • 3rd Party Carcass Intake & Returns.
  • Automatic Put-Away of carcasses received from kill line and 3rd party intake into Carcass chills.
  • Intelligent Carcass Modelling with splitting engine e.g., quartering and beyond (optional).
  • Carcass Stock by location / chill and stock correction.
  • Carcass selection rules for carcass dispatch and into boning (see features below for more information).
  • Into-Boning (with optional work order control).
  • Maintains full product traceability through processes.
  • Completion of Lot yield when associated with kill line module.
  • Carcass dispatch with optional sales order control (Quarters, bodies and parts, on hooks and star hooks or in containers).
  • Reporting – Carcass chill loss, carcass dispatch, carcass trace.
Carcass Management

Carcass Management Features

  • Carcass Modelling & Carcass Splitting
  • Carcass Selection Rules (Quality Rules)
  • Work Order Control
  • Carcass Dispatch & Management System
  • The Emydex Carcass modelling and splitting engine can be used to model carcass cut configurations and derive the parts of the remaining cut of a carcass based on the parts of the cut removed.
  • This feature can also be used to calculate derived weights and update carcass stocks.

Carcass Modelling Engine

  • Users create carcass rules to control the quality of carcasses booked into boning halls or dispatched as sales orders.
  • Any parameters recorded by the Emydex system can be used as selection criteria for the carcass rules e.g., Under 30 months, Category A, Grade E, between 100-125kg, one farm movement etc.

Carcass Quality Rules

  • Operators can create and load Into-boning Work Order production plans to control batching, quantity and quality of carcases.
  • Operators can also process Sales orders for Carcass dispatch.

Into-Boning with optional Work Order Control

Carcass dispatch with optional sales order control (Quarters, bodies and parts, on hooks and star hooks or in containers)

Carcass Dispatch Monitor

Software Modules

Carcass Management Benefits

  • 1 No more lost stock – Dynamic stock control within each chill by product, age and location
  • 2 Cut level traceability
  • 3 Direct download of orders into system ensures correct product is dispatched / de-boned
  • 4 Show stock by cut and derive remaining weights in chill.
  • 5 Ensures product complies with customer specification
  • 6 Dispatch to customers with correct documentation
  • 7 Automatic transaction aggregation ready for billing
  • 8 Advanced Shipping Notes (ASN) direct to customer, saves time and improves efficiency
"One of the unique features of the Emydex system is the Carcass management module. This incorporates a Carcass Splitting engine used to break down and track quarters, and maintain stock in terms of derived weights. Carcass management gives customers the ability to maintain accurate carcass stocks from time of kill to through boning and dispatch,” Jim O'Neill Group IT Manager, Kepak Group

Emydex Explained

This short video explains how our software provides real-time and accurate reporting of Production, Yields, Stocks, Quality and Traceability.

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