Production Planning

Plan production based upon requirements taking into account Stock, Future Purchases and Sales

Production Planning Software

The Emydex production planning software system enables production planners to graphically view all elements that effect what needs to be manufactured and what can be manufactured.

For an abattoir, all parts must be consumed (either processed or sold), for further processing plants only products required should be purchased.

The planning system produces work orders that can be downloaded to the production shop floor system, maximising production efficiency.

The key objectives of the production planning solution are to:

  • Deliver optimised Daily Production Plans.
  • Ensure raw material batching is fully integrated with the daily planning system.
  • Identify production requirements and estimations, to identify input/outputs to each process stage within the factory, to produce production plans leading to production works orders.
  • Enable experienced production planners to record their knowledge into a system, to will allow less experienced operators to perform the production planning task. This makes the company less vulnerable to loss of experienced individuals and also opens up more potential for career development opportunities for the less experienced planners.
Production Planning

Production Planning Features

  • Production Planning System features
  • Forward planning based upon raw materials
  • Backward planning based upon sales orders
  • Plan Balancing
  • Daily Work Orders and Instructions to Factory Systems
  • Plan Scheduling
  • Comparison Plan to Actual
  • Relationship to Factory Floor System
  • Imports Stock / Purchases / Sales from production shop floor and ERP systems
  • Standard specifications for each production job
  • Link production jobs graphically, either forwards from raw material, or backwards from finished product requirements.
  • Manufacture orders just in time, or build over a period.
  • Ensure production is balanced and optimise product
  • Dynamic production modelling shows effect of daily plans.
  • Consideration of reduced staffing levels and line speeds.
  • Predicts time and staff requirements
  • Highlights additional raw material requirements
  • Highlights excess production probabilities.
  • Daily / weekly / monthly plans
  • Plan templates (useful for seasonal planning and repetitive production)
  • Schedule breaks and cleaning operations


  • Raw material inputs are planned by Batch. Raw material inputs include whole carcasses; from carcass stock (own kill) and bought in carcasses, and also primal stock; from either WIP stock and bought in primals.
  • The production planner will drive raw materials forward through a series of jobs to convert the materials to the required outputs to meet order demands.
  • The production planner will determine the volumes of each product to be produced each day based on information from weekly sales orders and stock orders.
  • The Planner will convert the products to be produced, backwards through a series of jobs to derive the required carcass (or primal) inputs.
  • The planner will track progress of production against the weekly production targets to adjust plans for subsequent days as required.

By using a combination of forwards and backwards planning, the planner can create a balanced plan where a production output is defined for all raw material processed. That output could be;

  • Finished Product allocated to sales order
  • Finished Product allocated to stock
  • Interim product allocated to work in progress (WIP) stock
  • The key output from planning is a set of production work orders, which instructs factory production on what operationally must be carried out.
  • The planning system will interface the planner work orders to the factory floor system.
  • Once the daily plan has been balanced it will need to be scheduled into production.
  • The production planning system includes factory simulation. This takes into account process and stock location capacities, enabling scheduling to be carried out by dragging and dropping the planned production work orders onto the required production lines (graphical representation).
  • The results are shown graphically and compared to line capacities, enabling the planners to schedule the most efficient schedule taking into account production capabilities and also target job completion times if required for same day deliveries.
  • The progress of the actual production against foretasted plan can be analysed in real time when feedback is available from the factory floor system.
  • Further analysis can be carried out on finished production over a period of time and job standards modified if necessary.
  • The Emydex production planning system is designed to work in conjunction with the Emydex production management system as the factory floor system; however it has also been designed as a separate database to the factory floor system making it possible for it to be interfaced to any alternate factory floor system.
  • The only essentials are that planning system and factory system both share the same master data files, ideally imported from a common ERP or financial system.

Software Modules

Production Planning Benefits

  • 1 Optimise production to yield maximum profit
  • 2 Maximise order fulfilment
  • 3 De Mystify Production planning
  • 4 Identify potential production shortfalls
  • 5 Makes sales aware of products available to sell
  • 6 Make purchasing aware of raw material requirements
  • 7 Highlights efficient break planning.
  • 8 Highlights potential bottlenecks in production and shows effect of changes
"Emydex replaced Oliver Carty’s existing Scanvaegt system with Emydex's Processing & Packing software, adding new production management functionality including line yield reporting and packing against production orders. “When dealing with the retail sector it is vitally important to be able to give our customers the information they are looking for and to do so quickly. Since we moved to Emydex we have been able to provide an array of information to ourselves and our customers in a matter of seconds. Also the time taken to scan an order has halved” Justin Lennon Key Accounts Manager, Oliver Carty Ltd

Emydex Explained

This short video explains how our software provides real-time and accurate reporting of Production, Yields, Stocks, Quality and Traceability.

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