Recipe Formulation

Currently operating in over 15 Meat, Fish and Food processing plants around the world

Recipe Formulation Software

Emydex Recipe Formulation Software is currently operating in over 15 Meat, Fish and Food Processing Plants around the world including Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Namibia.

Having first gone live in 2011 in one of the UK’s largest beef processors, Dunbia (Preston), today our Recipe formulation system is in daily operation in many Emydex client sites producing a range of food products from Burgers, Sausages and Mince, to Sauces and Marinades, to Infant and Baby Formula.

  • Our standard Recipe Blending system covers:
  • Recipe Definition / Recipe Specification
  • Recipe Production Planning
  • Recipe Works Order Creation
  • Recipe Formulation – Recipe Dispensing & Recipe Blending
  • Recipe Production Reporting
Recipe Formulation

Recipe Formulation Features

  • Recipe System Features
  • Recipe Definition
  • Recipe Production Planning
  • Recipe Work Orders
  • Recipe Blending
  • Standard & Additional Recipe System Reports

The Recipe Formulation module is used to produce consistent recipe formulations with full forwards and backwards Ingredient traceability. It is a fully integrated component of the Emydex production management system, and will run on any standard PC terminal:

  • Recipe definitions at multiple levels; final recipes, sub-recipes and pre-recipes
  • Ingredient substitution rules
  • Health & Safety, process control and materials handling instruction
  • Recipes can be distributed to any number of departments for dispensing
  • Ingredient and recipe batch labels to ensure traceability
  • Formulation can be by weighing ingredients, scanning pre weighed ingredients, count of fixed weight ingredients, measuring by flow meter
  • Colour coded dynamic Macro buttons for ingredients guide operator though formulation
  • Dynamic filling gauge on operator terminals
  • Link to stock for finished products
  • Recipe production planning enables production to take place in a number of departments, over a number of days, before being brought back together for final blending
  • Production to works orders
  • User defined recipe and ingredient usage reports


Recipes can be created by specifying the list of products/ingredients to be used in the recipe and defining settings such as target quantities, tolerance ranges, allow product substitution, weighing methods, operator instructions as well as any quality or handling instructions.

Recipe types include standard recipes, sub-recipes (recipe to be consumed by another recipe), and pre-recipes (created previously)

Recipe Definition

Production planning functionality offers flexibility to calculate recipe production requirements by:

  • Standard Batches or Quantity of Standard batches (optimised to bowl chopper capacity)
  • Custom Batch size
  • Calculated Batch size i.e., recipe planning based on the quantity of one (limited) ingredient 

Recipe Production Planning (Back-office Client system)

Confirmed production plans are converted into Recipe Works orders for production.

  • Recipe Works orders assign instructions to groups of operators in separate production locations e.g., dry goods room, bulk ingredients weighing, final blending stations
  • Ingredient requirements are presented in the order for which they are to be prepared, displaying target weights and pre-configured tolerance levels
  • Works orders are key to Forward Traceability reporting

Recipe System - Production Work Orders (Client PC)

  • Ingredients are weighed into final blending in order of priority
  • Dynamic fill gauge assists the operator during the dispending of ingredients process
  • Operator scans in pre-weighed ingredients (pre-recipes)
  • System verifies weights added are within pre-set tolerance levels i.e., the system prevents the operator from dispensing ingredients over or below tolerance levels.
  • Ingredient traceability numbers captured as well as any additional quality information such a temperature or PH levels
  • Handling or safety instructions are displayed in relation to each of the current ingredients being added to the recipe

Recipe Blending Terminal (Factory floor system)

Standard Recipe System Reports

The Recipe system includes the following reports as standard:

  • Recipe Specification – New Recipe Authorisation Report
  • Recipe Production Planning – Raw Materials Requirements
  • Recipe Production Planning – Daily Input Report
  • Recipe Formulation – Work Order Traceability Report
  • Recipe Formulation – Production Yield Report

The system can be easily extended to cover a range of additional Recipe reports:

Additional Recipe System Reports

  • Product Give Away Report
  • Summary Production Report
  • P & L Report (Forecast & Actual)
  • Rework Cost Report
  • Daily Input Variance Report
  • Summary Variance Report
  • Tonnage In Vs Tonnage Out
  • Recipe Control Sheet
  • Recipe Conformance
  • Forecasting Reports for Raw Materials






Software Modules

Recipe Formulation Benefits

  • 1 Ensures consistent, correct formulation of all recipe batches.
  • 2 Maintains full forwards and backwards traceability
  • 3 Control costly over and under production
  • 4 Maximise ingredient usage, control waste.
  • 5 Control ingredient substitution
  • 6 Ensures operators are aware of health & safety, process control and materials handling instructions.
  • 7 Integrated part of overall factory system
  • 8 Management can monitor progress to works orders in real time
“The key point about Emydex software is the standard module offerings are very comprehensive and cover almost everything we need, and if they don’t have specifically what we need, it’s not a major hassle to change it. Already we are seeing the advantages of having Emydex as well as the capabilities and possibilities for the future. With the software and the excellent backup and service from all the staff in Emydex we feel we have the complete package.” Paul Kearney Financial Controller, Arthur Mallon Foods

Emydex Explained

This short video explains how our software provides real-time and accurate reporting of Production, Yields, Stocks, Quality and Traceability.

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