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Emydex Technology is a world-leading supplier of Factory Floor Software systems to over 100 Meat, Fish and Food Processing companies around the globe, including processors based in Europe, Africa, North America and Australasia.

For the past 5 years Emydex has been ranked by Deloitte as one of the Top 50 Fastest growing Technology companies in Ireland

Our Software suite includes a range of Production Control, Quality and Traceability reporting systems, that provide our customers with the real-time, accurate data they need to make food safer, and make better business decisions that drive profitability

Our African customers include some of the leading food processing companies in Africa including, but not limited to:

  • MeatCo (Namibia), Primal Beef Slaughter & Deboning operations spread across Namibia
  • Klein Karoo International, (South Africa), the largest Ostrich processor in the world, operating across three separate processing facilities
  • Botswana Meat Commission, Primal Beef Slaughter & Deboning plants operating across Botswana
  • GPS Food Group (Cape Town), Cold Storage and Value Added Processing operations
  • QK Cold Stores (Johannesburg)
  • Table Bay Cold Storage

Emydex South Africa Team : Top Left : Rodney Macer-Wright  , Top Right: Jeffrey Macer-Wright, Bottom Left: Wilfred Koekemoer.

Emydex Africa Team

Emydex’s appointed partner for the African market is Summit Process Solutions, based in Johannesburg South Africa, with over 20 years of track record working within the region.

Summit Process Solutions integrates Emydex Factory Floor data capture solutions to the range of Industrial hardware supplied by Summit, including weighing, labelling, inspection, processing, data capture, as well as IT systems to create tailor-made solutions for meat, fish, poultry and food processing companies in the region.

Emydex South Africa

Summit Process Solutions
Suite E, 41 Kyalami Boulevard
Kyalami Business Park
Midrand 1684, Gauteng
South Africa
T: + 27 82 321 9447

Rodney Macer-Wright


Regional Distributor

Emydex – Africa

MeatCo Video

MeatCo are operating Emydex Software in its two main beef processing plants, providing them with end-to-end Traceability and Reporting.


The Emydex program interface is really user friendly, and makes navigating through the system very easy, and also the filtering option on all Emydex client screens, make lookups quick and easy. The suite of full traceability reports are easy to navigate, and will save us a lot of time. In addition, the fact that all information and reporting can be extracted to Excel also has a lot of benefits for our business. From a Warehousing perspective the full scanning throughout the Emydex system is a big step forward for our company, we can already see the huge benefits this gives us in terms of proper stock control. Also by fully integrating with our new financial system, Emydex has eliminated all the work that we had to manually duplicate before. Naturally the human error with regards to these manual duplicated transactions has also been removed. Cobus Pretorius, Production & logistics Co-Ordinator with Klein Karoo

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