real-time reporting
on costs, variances
and stock valuations

Finance Manager

We surveyed the Finance Manager community within our client companies, to ask what were their own ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ from a Factory floor Data Capture, Production Reporting and Traceability system like Emydex.

Here's a sample of what they told us:

“KPI’s – The ability to make real savings, by having 5 or 6 KPIs such as Production output, waste level, production yields, stock ageing etc that can be measured each day, week or month”
“Accurate reporting – With high volumes of new data generated every day, it is critical that users can find the information they need for decision making quickly and accurately”
“Real time reporting on production yields to monitor profitability”
“Control over the production process, to identify inefficiencies and the corrective actions required to increase profitability”
“Accurate and real time reporting on stock valuations, yields, costings, purchase and sales orders”
“An integrated software system that could manage all of the financial and factory floor production processes from door-to-door.”


Here’s a sample of some of the features of the Emydex system of relevance to Finance Managers working in Meat, Fish and Food Processing factories:

  • Kill Line & Livestock Payments System
  • Production Hall System
  • Advanced Yields & Costings
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Order Management System
  • Generic Lot P&L
  • Payment Schedule Maintenance
  • Payment Calculations
  • Payment Reports
  • Remittance Advice Notes
  • Cheque Printing / Electronic (BACS) payments

Kill Line & Livestock Payments System

  • Variance reporting
  • Give Away reporting
  • Generic Yield Control
  • Production Yield Reporting
  • Production Output Reporting
  • Waste Reporting
  • Standard Yield Specification and Maintenance
  • Labour & Overheads calculation
  • Variance Reporting kg/currency
  • P & L Reporting

Advanced Yields & Costings

  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Stock Ageing Reporting

Stock Reconciliation

  • Purchase Orders
  • Production Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Transfer Orders
  • Integration to ERP / Accounts

Order Management System

Software Modules

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