Emydex Quality Management System Version 5

First released over five years ago, and operating with many of Emydex’s existing customers, this latest Version 5.0 release of the Emydex Quality Management System (QMS) has undergone a major redesign and development over the past 12 months, with significant input from some of Emydex’s largest multi-site beef, lamb, pork and seafood processors operating in Ireland, the UK, Africa and Australia.

Taking all the learnings and experiences gained from previous Emydex QC system iterations; this latest release of the Emydex QC module, is a fully comprehensive and extensive QMS system, designed to cater for the needs of large Enterprise-level food processing organisations.

The system is ideally suited to group level food processors operating different business divisions, spanning different geographies, offering both real-time and accurate reporting on QC activities, at both group and individual plant level via the Emydex QC cloud-hosted platform.

Maintain a sky-level overview of QC activities across divisions and operations within the organisation, in real-time

Cloud v On-Premises: In addition to hosting in the cloud, the system can alternately be installed on-premises if required.

Small v Large: It can also cater just as effectively for both small and medium sized meat, fish and food processing plants, as well as larger production operations.


Key features include:


QC Workflow Builder: one of the most significant improvements to the Emydex QMS, is major design and development effort focussed on developing an easy to use, yet comprehensive QC workflow builder tool.

This application allows in-house Technical and QC personnel (non-IT people) to design and build their own Quality workflows in-house, including QC surveys, QC check-sheets and quality audits, without the need to involve either Emydex developers or internal IT resources.

The result is an easy to use, icon-driven workflow builder application, powered by Question Blocks that can be saved as templates, and re-used from one quality survey to the next.

Workflows can include conditional responses such as ‘if answer is X do A, if Y then B’, and includes Action Plans such as notifying supervisors, generating follow up actions, sending emails, reminders, notifications, triggering CAPA workflows etc.

Configure QC workflows from scratch. Determine what questions to ask, and how best to capture the information needed.


QC Workflow Data Capture: once QC workflows have been designed and tested they can be executed on the factory floor. Workflow surveys can validated by running them in ‘test mode’ in which case, the test transactions are saved separately from ‘live’ QC data.

QC data capture can be carried out using a range of data capture hardware devices including existing fixed position Industrial terminals, rugged tough-books or even low-cost tablet devices running the Windows 10 operating system.

Capture QC data such as CAPA workflows on low-cost tablet devices running Windows 10

Capture QC data such as Product Quality Checks on rugged Toughbook devices for harsh environments

Emydex Production System Look-up & Validation – One major advantage with the Emydex QC module, is that food processors who have also implemented an Emydex Factory Floor Production Control and Traceability reporting system in their operations, can scan product barcodes, retrieve traceability details, and perform validation from the Emydex QC system against production data stored in their Emydex Production system, something not possible with independent 3rd party QC systems.

Kill line QC inspections – logging QC faults against Carcasses within Emydex Production systems


Instant Back-office Reporting via Plant Maps & Dynamic Data Views – whether operating in a single plant or group plant operation, managers and supervisors will have real-time access to QC data captured as it happens.

The QC module plant map drill-downs allow supervisors to ‘manage by exception’ drilling down to the areas where any QC issues or non-conformances are raised, to investigate and raise actions as needed.

Drill-down plant maps enable issues & non-conformances to be identified and actioned quickly

QC Data can also be viewed using Data Grids and Views that can be configured by users themselves, saved as personal templates; allowing data to be grouped, sorted, filtered, analysed and exported to Word, Excel or Email if needed.

 Customise the way you view results, and decide what information you want to see and when

Emydex Report Writer – Emydex’s QC report writing application can also be used to prepare printed reports that can match exactly the format of the original paper-based QC surveys and check-sheets if required.

Original Paper-based QC Survey

Same QC data presented in similar report format post electronic data capture on an Emydex QC device

Other features worth highlighting include:

Production Calendars

Create multiple production calendars. Outline schedules relative to hours of operation.

Production Schedules

Create Schedules to control what needs to be done and when? Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly schedules

(1) Pre-production (2) Post-production or (3) During production at set interval checks – you decide

Schedule Workflows

Schedule Workflows with a click of a button. Apply zero, one or many schedules to a workflow as required

Roles & Responsibilities

Assign QC Workflows only to those responsible for them. Assign Actions only to those with authority to complete them.

Missed Workflow Notifications

Quality System will track missed Workflows. Automatically notify when a workflow is missing or not completed as scheduled.


Assign QC Workflows to different Plants, Areas and Roles. Track what needs to be done where?


Manage Equipment Lists. Create Preventative maintenance quality checks for equipment.

Actions Console

Log into your personal QC Actions console. Track all your Quality System Actions. See only Actions you are responsible for.

To organise an On-line demonstration or request a 30-day free trial of the Emydex QMS System, please contact Emydex on [email protected] or call us via our contact numbers

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