Cold Storage

Operating in over 80 Food Production plants around the world

Cold Storage Software

Operating in over 100 Food Production plants, Emydex is the market leading supplier of Factory Floor software systems for Meat, Fish and Food processors around the world.

Emydex Cold Store System has all the capabilities you would expect from a Warehouse Management System such as Stock Intake, Palletising, Put-Away, Sales Order Picking, Container Loading and Dispatch.  It also has the ability to carry out stock  transfers, stock takes/checks and stock reconciliation, as well as providing real-time and accurate stock reporting.

A key feature of the Emydex Cold Storage system is real time traceability of stock throughout each stage of the process, from in-take right through to dispatch, allowing for box-level traceability through the blast freeze process also.


Cold Storage Software

“As we manage stock on behalf of some large Food Processing companies who also operate Emydex’s Production Management systems in their factories, it made sense for Interfrigo to replace our existing legacy WMS with Emydex’s Warehouse Management system. Their warehousing system provides Interfrigo with all the capabilities found in a full-blown Warehousing system, but in addition it provides us with real-time electronic links to our customers who are also using Emydex’s factory floor system. The benefit of this is the ability to manage stock transfers and sales order picking requests instantly and accurately” Brendan McAlonan, Operations Manager, Interfrigo

Cold Storage System Features

The Emydex Cold Store Module contains all the capabilities included within the Emydex Warehouse Management System PLUS a host of additional features and functionality specifically required for Cold Storage operations including:

Multiple Stock Owners / Multiple Customer Accounts
Transfer of stock to/from 3rd party locations
Customer Account Invoice Calculation Engine
Goods Inwards/Goods Receipts
Put-away, Palletisation, Pallet-Splittting
Blast Freezer Traceability
Stock Check, Stock Take, Stock Reconciliation
Stock Maps (Identify Stock visually via graphical stock maps)
Order Picking & Dispatch
Traceability Reporting
Stock Ownership Transfer
Container Loading
Bulk Intake/Dispatch
Stock Returns
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