Fish Processing Software live in Fish Factory & 12 Trawlers

Clogherhead Co-op based in Co. Louth on the East Coast of Ireland, is one of Ireland’s leading Seafood Processors. The Co-Op operate a twelve-strong fleet of modern fishing trawlers, as well as an impressive collective of skilled manpower. The Co-operative’s core offering is frozen at sea prawns, with the balance made up of whitefish species including monkfish, cod and hake.

The Co-Op supplies both domestic as well as export market countries including Italy, France, Spain and Holland. All of the vessels boast newly installed ‘frozen at sea’ equipment allowing Prawns to be handpicked and quickly frozen, ensuring exemplary quality, freshness and traceability. The boats can also stay at sea for longer, substantially decreasing the Co-op’s carbon footprint.

Traceability System

As part of the Irish Government’s ‘eLocate’ scheme launched to encourage the implementation of electronic traceability systems within the Irish seafood industries, Clogherhead Co-op approached Emydex with a requirement to replace their existing factory floor Production Reporting and traceability system, with a new modern software system that was flexible to make changes easily and quickly, and that could interface with the required Irish fishery body systems such as the SFPA.

Clogherhead also needed a system that would reduce time spent labelling products as they landed.  They sought a system that could be installed on their fleet of twelve trawlers allowing for frozen prawns to be barcoded and labelled at Sea with all required traceability information, enabling speedy and accurate landings into the factory on arrival at port.

Onshore Weigh Labelling

Emydex installed their factory floor software system into the Clogherhead factory including the Emydex Packing & Processing module used for weigh-labelling of product, as well as the Emydex Warehouse Management module used to manage and report on all factory stocks.

Offshore Weigh Labelling

In addition Emydex’s new labelling-at-sea software systems were installed on the Co-Ops fleet of boats to enable labelling of fixed weight prawns into both inner and outer boxes at sea.
The boat system also allows for the labelling of shellfish at the time and place of catch, capturing traceability information including catch date, catch area and use by date for example, meaning they just have to scan the boxes into intake on shore. Sean Gallagher, Emydex’s Project Manager commented “one of the challenges that Emydex faced with the roll-out of our boat system was that once the boat left the port, it was offline. This meant we could only iron out any issues later identified once the boat came back to shore. So we focused on ensuring we had the first boat running smoothly, before we rolled it out to a further few boats and then eventually all twelve in the fleet”. Lastly Emydex was configured with new functionality to allow the Co-Op to reconcile boats catches, with customer invoices, allowing payments to their suppliers, the boat owners.

Today Clogherhead Co-op are running the Emydex system within their factory from door-to-door. The bulk of product is landed from the boat fleet, pre-labelled at sea with bar-codes, facilitating speedy and accurate intake of frozen product. This means the Co-op no longer have to commit time and resources to the labelling of products as they arrive on shore, given they’re already labelled at sea.

Streamlined Intake Process

This new streamlined intake process allows Clogherhead to scan in the pre-labelled boxes directly to their stores and dispatch from there as required. Any product not labelled at sea can be weigh-labelled on a fixed position intake terminal located on the dry dock. The Emydex back-office system provides management and supervisors with real-time and accurate reporting on factory stocks, production as well as both forward and backward traceability reporting.

Commenting on the Emydex project, Paul Boyd, Managing Director with Clogherhead Co-op said “The key for me is that Emydex were able to provide Clogherhead with their standard fish system built in consultation with BIM, the SFPA, as well as the GS1, but allow Clogherhead to tailor and tweak the system to suit our specific needs and processes exactly. Aside from our old factory floor system, we also operated a bespoke-built boat invoicing and payments system. Emydex were able to configure and build into their standard Fish system, the very same functionality as our previous system, meaning we now have everything we need in a single system, supported in-life by the Emydex support team. After a year at sea, the Co-op that includes the factory and fleet of boats all see the efficiencies and savings realised from our new labelling-at-sea systems”

David McMahon, Emydex CEO added “This project included a first for Emydex, in that our software is now operating on a fleet of boats in an offline environment, but at the same time has proved very successful. Hopefully over time this is something that will be adopted by the fishing industry as a whole”

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