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World’s Largest Ostrich Processor

Established in 1985, Klein Karoo is the world’s largest Ostrich processor, producing 65% of all Ostrich related products found on international markets. Klein Karoo represents more than 800 local farmer members, and produces ostrich meat, leather and feathers. Klein Karoo supplies Ostrich (Poultry) meat, including the famous ‘fan fillet’ to the local South African market, as well as to a growing number of export markets including the UK, Denmark and Sweden where Klein Karoo’s pre-grilled Ostrich meat is today available in five of the largest retailers in Europe.

With its head-quarters in the town of Oudtshoorn, located on the garden route in South Africa, the company operates a large number of processing factories in the region including three separate Ostrich Slaughter and deboning plants located in Oudtshoorn, Graaff-Reinet and Swellendam, as well as a number of other processing facilities including value-added processing, pet treat, pre-grill and Biltong processing operations.

Working in conjunction with a South African Industrial Engineering Company (iPlan Global), Klein Karoo invited Emydex to tender in July 2015, for a factory floor software solution to replace their existing production control systems that were deemed to be end-of-life. Klein Karoo sought to adopt a “leapfrog” strategy in the selection of their new software system i.e., a technological solution appropriate for 2016 and beyond. They also requested a centralised enterprise system in order to maintain one “single version of the truth”. Finally, the system they sought needed to be agile and flexible so as to allow for scale and speed to incorporate business change such as acquisitions.

Kill Line Software Live in Three Plants

Following a thorough tender process, including a project discovery and scoping exercise in South Africa, Emydex were awarded the Klein Karoo contract in January 2016. A team of Emydex developers working remotely from Dublin in close collaboration with Klein Karoo in South Africa, commissioned and configured Emydex software systems for Klein Karoo’s three Abattoir operations, boning halls and value added operations for both Local and Export Markets. A team of Emydex Senior software engineers implemented Emydex systems into the groups three plants over the Summer months of 2016, such that by the end of August all Emydex systems were live and in operation across all processing plants, without any major issues. In tandem, Emydex integrated with Klein Karoo’s new back-office ERP system, Syspro, that was implemented in parallel by iPlan Global.

Commenting on the system go-lives Karoo’s project manager said “The operators at both Graaff-Reinet and Swellendam had a positive experience with Emydex following go-live, and the general consensus is that Emydex seems much simpler and faster to use than their current system. Also taking into account the fact that the users at Swellendam saw the screens for the first time on the morning of go-live, and had no major issues transacting. So overall a positive experience from an end-user’s perspective. The Emydex developers were very helpful during their visit and didn’t shy away from finding on-site solutions or the long hours.”

Full Traceability Reporting

Commenting on the perceived benefits for the business following the system go-live, Cobus Pretorius, Production & logistics Co-Ordinator with Klein Karoo said “The Emydex program interface is really user friendly, and makes navigating through the system very easy, and also the filtering option on all Emydex client screens, make lookups quick and easy. The suite of full traceability reports are easy to navigate, and will save us a lot of time. In addition, the fact that all information and reporting can be extracted to Excel also has a lot of benefits for our business.” Commented Pretorius

He went on to add “from a Warehousing perspective the full scanning throughout the Emydex system is a big step forward for our company, we can already see the huge benefits this gives us in terms of proper stock control. Also by fully integrating with our new financial system, Emydex has eliminated all the work that we had to manually duplicate before. Naturally the human error with regards to these manual duplicated transactions has also been removed.

The automatic integration between our Graaff Reinet & Swellendam plants in terms of carcass shipments to our primary processing facility in Oudtshoorn has also saved us a lot of time and trouble. Lastly, the way labels are set up, and the ability we have to change them with little or no input from Emydex, as well as the fact that we can preview the labels before we have to actually print, is something that I rate as one of my top three system improvements!”

Recipe Formulation Software

“Finally, the Emydex Recipe system, which is something new to Klein Karoo, works really well and we can see that it actually gives the factory workers a sense of pride in actually “measuring” what they are doing and not just blindly mixing bathes. This also ensures that the correct products are used in the correct quantities for all the recipes. The last benefit I would add is that having the ability to be able to trouble-shoot quickly by being able to connect to the actual floor pc’s have made life much easier!” added Cobus Pretorius.

Reflecting on the project’s success, Charl du Plessis, Managing Director of Klein Karoo International said “to incorporate Emydex slaughter, de-boning and recipe functionality into a single business entity in such a short time-frame was great achievement in my opinion”. David McMahon, Emydex CEO added “the Klein Karoo project was definitely one of the most ambitious and potentially challenging projects we have ever had to tackle. The fact that the go-lives went so smoothly, over the various project phases coming in quick succession over the Summer, is down to the hard work and many months of preparation and testing invested by Klein Karoo, iPlan and Emydex working in partnership as a unified team”.

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