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Fresh Produce Processing Software

Emydex Fresh Produce Processing Software was originally designed to handle the complexities of meat processing that is a disassembly production process involving dual units of measure, variable weighted products, as well as a requirement to interface to factory ­floor machinery such as scales, label printers and industrial machinery.

Despite being designed for meat processing, Emydex is also ideally suited to handle the relatively more straightforward food processing industries such as Fresh Produce, Fruit and Vegetables.

Similar to Meat, Fish and Food products, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are perishable products with a short shelf life. They are also inconsistent in their form, and can be sold as either fixed or variable weight finished goods, whether in bulk, bags, packs, boxes or pallets.

So whether its fruit or vegetables such as strawberries, mushrooms, broccoli, potatoes or carrots, the Emydex software platform has been designed to capture production data from factory door to door, delivering plant managers real-time accurate reporting on production, stocks, quality and traceability.


Fresh Produce Processing Software

Fresh Produce Processing Software

Fresh Produce System Features

Purchase Order Processing
Supplier Intake
Raw Material, Dry Goods, Ingredients & Packaging Stock Control
Production Planning & Forecasting
OCM / Box Packing (Weigh Labelling)
Bulk & Retail Packing & Labelling
Recipe Formulation
Yields, Giveaway & Efficiency Reporting
Daily Production Reporting
Forwards & Backwards Traceability Reporting
Quality & Compliance Management
Warehousing & Stock Management
Finished Product Stock Control
Stock Reporting, Age, Location & Value
Sales Order Picking & Dispatch
Container Loading & Shipments
3rd Party ERP System Integration
3rd Party Cold Store Integration

Fresh Produce Modules

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