Warehouse Management

Currently operating in over 80 Meat, Fish and Food Processing plants around the world

Warehouse Management Software

Emydex’s Warehouse Management software is currently operating in over 80 Meat, Fish and Food Processing plants around the world including Ireland, the UK, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages and reports on all Stock from factory door to door by tracking and tracing the movement of serialised, non-serialised and batch products both into and out of factory warehouse locations and Cold Stores.

The system handles all stock types whether raw materials, dry goods, ingredients and packaging. On the factory floor the WMS utilises hand-held scanning terminals to scan barcodes or RFIDs over wireless networks, and can even operate on forklift mounted terminals used in Cold Store environments.

Having first gone live in 2006 in one of the Irelands largest beef processors Kepak Clonee, today our Warehouse Management Module has evolved into a full-blown Warehouse Management System that is capable of managing 3rd Party Cold Store businesses.


Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Features

  • Stock Intake
  • Stock Palletising
  • Stock Put-Away
  • Sales Order Picking
  • Container loading & Stock Transfers
  • Stock Transfers
  • Stock Takie & Stock Reconciliation
  • Stock Reporting
  • Cold Store Management System
  • Create WMS inventory items based on stock intakes from production lines, inter-company transfers or Intake from 3rd party stock locations.
  • Intake against Purchase Orders entered  into Emydex Order Management system or from a 3rd party ERP/financial system (optional).
  • Ability to record multiple GRNs against each PO number i.e., multiple deliveries per order

Stock Intake Terminal

  • Build Pallets by using pre-printed pallet labels or print pallet labels on the fly directly from hand-held scanning terminals to either networked printers or operator-mounted mobile printers.
  • Re-palletise by moving products from pallet to pallet, breakdown and rebuild pallets, add to pallets, remove from pallets, pallet look-up on hand-held scanners.

Stock Palletising system on handheld scanner

Advisory put-away locations based upon configurable rules such as FIFO, Fresh/Frozen, Allergens, Customer groups etc.

  • Rack / Row / Bay location capability
  • Serialised (UID) and non-serialised stock

Sales Order Picking monitor displays colour-coded Sales Order statuses in real-time

Order Picking against Sales Orders entered directly into Emydex via the Emydex Order Management system or drawn down from a 3rd party ERP/financial system

  • Real-time validation – prevents wrong items being picked e.g., wrong product, wrong pack date or same item being picked twice.
  • Advisory location picking based on configurable rules such as shelf-life, maturation date, aged stock.
  • Allow Over-picking and Product Substitution options.
  • Multiple operators work on same order simultaneously.
  • Assign Sales orders to specific picking teams.
  • Print customer-specific pallet sheets and dispatch documentation such as SSCC pallet sheets.

Sales Order Picking

  • Scan pallets or boxes to containers via handheld scanning terminals. Container loading reports highlight which pallets, which orders, which container, which location.

Container Loading

Inter-company transfers to other company sites or remote storage facilities

  • Issue and track stock into and out of 3rd Party warehouse locations such as Cold Stores
  • Track Stock transfer statuses in real-time such as picked, dispatched, in-transit, received
  • Carry out Stock check, Stock take, Stock count or Stock reconciliation by scanning pallets or boxes using hand-held scanning terminals
  • Stock take and checks by Warehouse locations, by Product, Cycle counting
  • Stock Reconciliation manages and reconciles system stock against physical stock.
  • Lost and found – assign either (1) stock items not physically scanned i.e., not found or (2) stock items found that are not in system-stock to a virtual ‘lost and found’ warehouse location
  • In-line Stock reconciliation (while production on-going) by multiple operators

Stock Reconciliation

  • Real time dynamic views of Stock by Warehouse, Category, Product, Use-by date etc.
  • Static and drill down Stock reports by multiple criteria such as location, pallet, department, customer age analysis
  • Stock Maps (optional): search and view stock using graphical stock maps which drill down

Stock Map-Locations

  • Multiple Stock Owners / Multiple Customer Accounts
  • Transfer of stock to/from 3rd party locations
  • Customer Account Invoice Calculation Engine
  • Goods-Inwards/Good Receipts
  • Put-away, Palletisation, Pallet-Splitting
  • Blast Freezer Traceability
  • Stock Check, Stock Take, Stock Reconciliation
  • Stock Maps (Identify Stock visually via graphical stock maps)
  • Order Picking & Dispatch
  • Traceability Reporting
  • Stock Ownership Transfer
  • Container Loading
  • Bulk Intake/Dispatch
  • Stock Returns

Software Modules

Warehouse Management Benefits

  • 1 Real-time and Accurate reporting of Stocks by Warehouse location.
  • 2 No more errors – real-time validation of both goods received at Intake as well as orders picked at Dispatch.
  • 3 No more lost stock – dynamic stock control within each warehouse by product, age and location.
  • 4 Pack / Box / Pallet level traceability.
  • 5 Direct download of orders into system ensures correct product is dispatched.
  • 6 Dispatch to customers with correct documentation.
  • 7 Orders can be picked from multiple warehouse, by multiple operators.
  • 8 Advisory stock locations when picking based upon rules such as aged stock.
  • 9 Automatic transaction aggregation ready for billing.
  • 10 Advanced Shipping Notes (ASN) direct to customer, saves time and improves efficiency.
“Emydex’s Warehouse Management System is the single biggest bonus with Emydex to Kepak. We are a fast moving business with a high volume of stock movements. With Emydex we now have complete warehouse control and real time stocks down to scan level, without having to compromise on functionality. This functionality includes real-time validation at point of scanning an order, where the Emydex system warns operators of any discrepancies that arise during order picking, allowing them to take immediate corrective action” Jim O'Neill, Group IT Manager, Kepak Group

Emydex Explained

This short video explains how our software provides real-time and accurate reporting of Production, Yields, Stocks, Quality and Traceability.

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