quality assurance and traceability reporting

Quality Manager

We surveyed the Quality & Technical Manager community within our client companies to ask what were their own ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ from a Factory floor Data Capture, Production Reporting and Traceability system like Emydex.

Here's a sample of what they told us:

“Door-to-door Traceability reporting that includes: One step backwards (suppliers) and one step forwards (customers) Correctly identifying animal movements, residence prior to receipt, links to Government ‘Animal movements’ database (web-service) Correct traceability information on product labels”
“Quality Assurance - correctly identifying raw material as Quality Assured - links to Government ‘Quality approved’ database (web-service)”
“Product Recall - Instant availability of information in the event of a recall”
“Process Quality data collection - collection of key process quality information enabling continuous improvement, preventative action and process management”
“Management of Product Flow - Detained product, Product flagged for testing, Product awaiting test results, Country of origin”
“Managing and Validating Customer requirements – Customer Specifications, Quality rules”

Emydex Quality
Management System

A cloud based centralised solution providing all quality data in one place, for single or multi-site operations.



Here’s a sample of some of the features of the Emydex system of relevance to Quality working in Meat, Fish and Food Processing factories:

  • Abattoir System
  • Carcass Management System
  • Electronic Quality Control System
  • Traceability Reporting System
  • Links to Government Animal Movement & Quality Systems such as NLIS & AIMS
  • Food Chain Information (FCI) Audits
  • Transport Audit (TA) Inspections
  • Lairage Inspections
  • Ante-Mortem Inspections
  • Liver, Lungs & Pregnancy Inspections
  • Carcass Inspections
  • Offal Inspections

Abattoir System

  • Carcass Quality Rules
  • Adv. Carcass into-Boning (against carcass quality rules)
  • Adv. Carcass Dispatch (against carcass quality rules)
  • Temperature Control

Carcass Management System

  • Quality Form Definition (Survey Builder)
  • Process Interaction (Survey Data Capture)
  • Quality Survey Reporting

Survey Builder

  • Forwards Traceability Reporting
  • Backwards Traceability Reporting
  • Mass-Balance Traceability Reporting

Forwards & Backwards Traceability Reporting

  • CCP Monitoring
  • CCP Verification
  • Temperature Control Checks
  • Metal Detection Checks

Software Modules

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