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Operated by leading Meat, Fish & Food processors around the World

Packing & Processing Software

Emydex’s Packing & Processing Software is currently operating in over 70 boning halls, filleting rooms and cutting plants operated by leading Meat, Fish and Food processors around the world including Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe, Africa and Australia.

Having first gone live in 2006 in one of Irelands largest beef and lamb processors Kepak Clonee, today our Packing & Processing software system is in daily operation in numerous Emydex client sites.

Our standard Packing & Processing software system covers:

  • Input to any manufacturing process
  • Output from any manufacturing process
  • Labelling of boxes, crates, packs, pallets, bins, containers
  • Basic Process Yield Reporting (not costed)
  • Control production against work orders (optional)
  • Capture and report on information by Department, Processing Line, machine /cooker / operator, lot / batch etc
  • Maintains full product traceability through processes
Packing & Processing

Packing & Processing Features

  • Label Design & Label Printing
  • Create Stock Items & Maintain Traceability
  • Packing & Processing System – Standard Reports
  • Additional Packing & Processing System Reports

The Emydex Packing & Processing module is used to print labels at all stages of the manufacturing process whilst maintaining full forwards and backwards Traceability.

For Label design, Emydex integrate the Nice Labels ® Pro label design software that is fully embedded component within the Emydex system, and will run on any standard PC terminal or hand-held scanner. Nice labels is highly flexible, easy to use, printer independent and offers WYSIWYG functionality, which is important for previewing and tweaking labels layouts before printing.

Emydex Label design software supports:

  • 3 types of QR barcodes (2D barcodes with web-links to data)
  • GS1 compliant
  • New Allergen Food labelling laws (European directive 1169/2011) that requires the highlighting (via Bold formatting) of 14 Allergens in ingredient lists
  • Multiple languages including Greek, Arabic, Chinese
  • Multiple printers – a range of over 350 label printers, including the most common manufacturers such as Intermec, Zebra, Datamax/O’Neil etc.




Emydex WYSIWYG (Nice Labels Pro)

Serialised products are assigned a unique (18 digit) Universal Identification number (UID) that allows for full tracking and traceability of products not just within the warehouse or factory but globally across all food processing plants around the world.

The system allows for both direct palletising (based on target quantity) as well as direct binning (based on target weights).

Additional features of the Emydex Packing & Processing Module include:

  • Creates and destroys Stock items
  • Dynamic Screens – Flexibility over questions and layout, Configurable by Users
  • Full transaction history with the capability to cancel transactions or re-print at terminal
  • Multi-level labelling – Pack labelling, Case/Box/Carton labelling, Pallet labelling
  • Generate reports locally at terminals or from network/back-office PCs
  • Dynamic keyboards – Unlimited shortcuts/buttons to PLUs (Products) and Questions
  • Multiple dates with advanced offset rules e.g., pack date is 2 days > kill date
  • of scale manufacturers including Bizerba, Avery, Scanvaegt, Marel, Bilanciai, Radwag, Systec, Ian Fellows, Digi, Gedge.
  • Drivers for connection to cabled and wireless bar code scanners 1D/2D
  • Drivers for connection to RFID systems
  • Interface to PLC control via industrial I/O or Modbus IP
  • Weigh-Price Labeller Integration
  • Check-Weigher Integration

Emydex Product file supports Pack, Case and Pallet label printing

The Packing & Processing system includes the following reports as standard:

  • Departmental Production Reports – By Product Type / Group / Product / Batch / Date
  • Packing give away report
  • Process Gain / Loss report

WYSIWYG Label Design

  • Yield Reports (Reverse Bill of Materials) –  By Date / Department / Batch / Job
  • Packing Analysis by Batch / Operator
  • Process Yield by Batch / Operator / Machine

Emydex Factory Floor Packing Terminal (OCM) Screen

Packing & Processing Modules

Packing & Processing Benefits

  • 1 Ensure accurate, consistent labelling at all product levels.
  • 2 Eliminating labelling errors due to shop floor operators.
  • 3 Dynamically monitors process and packing yields / performance
  • 4 Maintains full product traceability through accurate labelling with unique serialised identification numbers
  • 5 Dynamically compares production against targets (with optional work order processing)
  • 6 Eliminates unauthorised over-production (with optional work order processing)
  • 7 Total control over production.
  • 8 Future proof against changing requirements
"Emydex replaced Oliver Carty’s existing Scanvaegt system with Emydex's Processing & Packing software, adding new production management functionality including line yield reporting and packing against production orders. “When dealing with the retail sector it is vitally important to be able to give our customers the information they are looking for and to do so quickly. Since we moved to Emydex we have been able to provide an array of information to ourselves and our customers in a matter of seconds. Also the time taken to scan an order has halved” Justin Lennon Key Accounts Manager, Oliver Carty Ltd

Emydex Explained

This short video explains how our software provides real-time and accurate reporting of Production, Yields, Stocks, Quality and Traceability.

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