Quality & Compliance

Currently operating in Meat, Fish & Food Processing plants around the world

Quality & Compliance Software

Emydex Quality & Compliance Software is currently operating in over a dozen Meat, Fish & Food Processing plants around the world, including Ireland, the UK and Africa, providing Emydex customers including the Kepak Group, Dawn Meats Group, Dunbia Group, Euro Quality Lambs and La Rousse Foods with a robust Food Safety and Quality Management System. The Quality module (Food Safety Management System) can operate as an integrated part of the overall Emydex platform or as a totally stand-alone Quality system.

The Emydex Quality module included in Emydex Version 4.0, includes a Quality survey builder using which the Emydex configuration team or customers themselves can design and build electronic surveys to replace their traditional paper-based Quality surveys. 

Quality data capture can take place either on an existing fixed position PC terminal on the factory floor e.g., on an Intake station, or on a mobile Toughbook device that enables a variety of Quality surveys to be captured throughout all Wi-Fi enabled locations within the factory. All Quality and compliance data captured is stored centrally in the Emydex core system allowing scheduling, analysis and reporting on survey results by supervisors and management.

A range of more complex Emydex designed surveys are also available for activity-specific quality inspections including Offal and Carcass inspections, Ante-mortem checks, as well as Liver, Lungs and Pregnancy health checks.

  • Plant overview and location drill-down maps

  • Survey Alerts (red, amber, yellow) via email, text or on Emydex client PCs

  • Survey Builder

  • Survey Scheduler including alerts and reminders of missed, overdue or incomplete surveys

  • Capture text, temperature, pictures, select from lists, Yes/No check boxes

  • Real-time data collection

  • Real-time data retrieval of data captured by other Emydex modules installed e.g., product detail look-ups via bar-code scanning

  • Real-time data validation checks

  • Operates on both fixed position and portable data capture devices

  • User defined reporting

Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance Features

  • Quality Survey Builder (Client PC)
  • Quality Survey Data Capture (Shop Floor)
  • Quality Reporting (Client PC)
  • Production-Specific Quality inspection stations

For dedicated quality data capture forms the Emydex Quality Management module includes a form designer using which the user can design Quality Survey data collection forms to replace paper driven systems

Emydex Quality Survey Builder on office Client PC

The standard Emydex Quality data collection software application for both fixed position industrial PC terminals and portable wireless PC terminals (Tablets) running Windows can also be used to capture quality and compliance data. This quality data capture can either be an add-on to an existing shop f

Emydex Quality Surveys on Mobile Toughbook on Factory floor

The quality reporting console enables quality results to be reported in tabular, graphical or KPI monitor form. The console can control frequency of testing which can be both periodic and random. As the data is collected and processed in real-time the KPI monitors can be used to react quickly as and when required

Emydex Quality Reporting on Client PC

In addition to general quality surveys that can be built by customers to replace paper-based surveys, Emydex offer a range of more complex in-line quality inspection surveys allowing for data capture and reporting of quality data at key stages within Food production processes including Critical Control Points (CCP):

Examples of Emydex built production-specific inspections include:

  • Transport Audit Forms (Transport inspections at security hut)
  • Food Chain Information (FCI) (animal inspections at security hut)
  • Anti-Mortem Checks
  • Lairage Inspections
  • Carcass Inspections
  • Offal Inspections
  • Into Boning & Box Dispatch Inspections

Lamb Carcass Inspections on mobile Toughbook

Software Modules

Quality & Compliance Benefits

  • 1 Ability to scan barcodes and retrieve production data such as Product details stored in Emydex central system
  • 2 Plant maps summarise quality status instantly and clearly, allowing management by exception
  • 3 Alerts highlight problem areas within plants instantly
  • 4 Survey scheduler highlights to managers surveys missed, overdue, incomplete or completed too quickly
  • 5 Ability to include random questions, with frequency of randomness definable
  • 6 Ability to include 1 in x number of time survey questions e.g., capture PH reading 1 in 10 times
  • 7 Ability to build survey workflows, such as completing corrective action there and then or reassigning to other users to complete at a later date
  • 8 Ability to build custom-reports, analyse Quality date, expert to excel or email
“One differentiator with Emydex over the other factory floor systems we evaluated was the ability and ease with which the Emydex system can be modified and configured to work in line with our existing EQL business processes. We had many new ideas that we wanted to incorporate into our new system. The flexibility inherent in Emydex means everything is possible” Rizvan Khalid (Senior Director) Euro Quality Lambs
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