Lamb Processing

Operating in over 20 Lamb processing plants in Ireland & the UK

Lamb Processing Software

Emydex Lamb Processing Software offers a complete solution for all stages of Lamb processing, whether you are an abattoir, cutting plant or retail packing plant. Emydex offers real-time links to relevant Government agencies, electronic ear tag reading (EID), high speed weighing and grading and country of origin labelling.

Operating in over 20 Lamb processing plants worldwide, Emydex is THE market leading supplier of factory floor software systems to Lamb Processors in Ireland and the UK. Our client list includes 2 of the Top 3 Lamb processors in Ireland, Dawn Meats and Kepak Group, as well as many of the UK’s leading Sheepmeat processors including Euro Quality Lambs, Vivers Scotlamb in Scotland, as well as one of the largest lamb processors in Europe, Dunbia Group, who process over 1.8m lambs per year across their four UK lamb processing sites. In Australia, our factory floor Traceability reporting and Production control software is operating in Junee Lamb’s primal slaughter and deboning operations in Junee, NSW, as well as their wholesale operations in Prospect, outside Sydney.

Emydex also supply lamb processing software solutions to market leading Value-added and Cooked meats Lamb processors such as La Rousse Foods.

Our Lamb traceability system and Lamb production reporting systems provide our clients with accurate and real-time reporting on Traceability, Production yields and efficiencies, Stocks, Quality Compliance and Assurance and much more.

Lamb Processing Software

"Emydex is a central pillar of our strategic IT plan going forward, and our goal now is to concentrate on completing the roll-out of Emydex to our primary processing sites by year end. This plan may seem aggressive, but we believe it’s achievable on account of the inherent flexibility of the core Emydex product to handle any differences in the business processes required in each of our fourteen disparate sites” Shane Slattery Group IT Manager, Dawn Meats Group

Lamb System Features

Kill Plan & Appointments (eProcurement)
Security Hut Inspections - Animal & Transport
Animal Reception (Lairage) Bookings (EID)
Links to Government Tracking and Quality Systems
Sequencing Station
Weigh / Grading Station
Lamb Kill Line Payments
Carcass Chill Stock Management
Carcass Modelling and Splitting
Carcass Cutting
Primal Deboning / Portion Cutting
Yields, Giveaway & Efficiency Reporting
Primal Packing (Weighing & Labelling)
Retail Packing, OCM, Weigh Price Labelling
Sales Order Picking & Dispatch
Warehousing & Stock Management
Management Dashboards & K.P.I. Reporting
Quality & Compliance Management
Animal Inspection (Carcass, Offal & Hide)
Forwards & Backwards Traceability Reporting
Dry Goods & Packaging Control
Production Planning & Forecasting
3rd Party ERP System Integration
3rd Party Cold Store Integration

Lamb Software Modules

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