Pork Processing

Emydex supply Factory Floor software systems to the Top 4 Primal Pork Processors in Ireland, accounting for 93% market share

Pork Processing Software

Emydex Pork Processing Software is currently operating in over 20 Pork processing plants and offers a complete solution for all sectors of the Pork processing industry, including abattoir, cutting plant, curing plant or retail packing plant. The system offers online animal movement transfer with the relevant Government departments, high speed weighing and electronic grading, country of origin labelling and 3rd party cold store integration with box level traceability.

Emydex are the Market Leading supplier of factory floor software systems to Pigmeat Processors in Ireland. Designed to cater for both single plant and multi plant operations, our Pigmeat customers include the Top 4 primal processors, that between them account for 93% of all Pork primal processing in Ireland including Rosderra Irish Meats (4 sites), Dawn Pork & Bacon, Stauntons and Kepak McCarrens.

Other Pork processing customers include Market leading Value-added and Cooked meats processors such as Oliver Carty (Bacon & Hams), Dunbia (Ballymena), Arthur Mallon (Sausages) and Greene Farm Foods (Sliced Hams)

Pork Processing Software

Pork Processing
Oliver Carty - Video

Oliver Carty, a Pork and Bacon producer in Ireland, covering Intake, Box packing, Order Picking, Dispatch & reporting on Stocks, Yields, Operator/Line Performance & Traceability.


“The key point about Emydex software is the standard module offerings are very comprehensive and cover almost everything we need, and if they don’t have specifically what we need, it’s not a major hassle to change it. Already we are seeing the advantages of having Emydex as well as the capabilities and possibilities for the future. With the software and the excellent backup and service from all the staff in Emydex we feel we have the complete package.” Paul Kearney Financial Controller, Arthur Mallon Foods

Pork System Features

Kill Plan & Appointments (eProcurement)
Security Hut Inspections - Animal & Transport
Animal Reception (Lairage) Bookings
Links to Government Tracking & Quality Systems
Grading Station with High Speed Weighing
Electronic Grading & Traceability Labelling
Pork Kill Line Payments
Carcass Chill Stock Management
Carcass Cut Modelling & Splitting
Primal Packing (Weigh & Labelling)
Primal Deboning / Portion Cutting
Yields, Give Away and Efficiency Reporting
Further Processing
Retail Packing, OCM, Weigh Price Labelling
Stock Intake, Warehousing and Stock Management
Stock Order Picking and Dispatch
Quality & Compliance Management
Forwards & Backwards Traceability Reporting
Dry Goods and Packaging Control
Management Dashboards and KPI Reporting
Production Planning & Forecasting
3rd Party ERP System Integration
3rd Party Cold Store Integration

Pork Software Modules

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